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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Editoo?
Editoo is an online tool allowing anyone to create a professional looking magazine within a short time and at a low cost.

What costs are involved in using Editoo?
Absolutely none! The use of the software is free for associations and charities. Companies do pay a small monthly license fee. Go to options & pricing for more information about the costs.

What can I order?
Fpr each issue, you indicate how many copies you want to print. You will also receive a pdf and a browsable version for each ordered edition which can be sent digitally.

How long will it take for my magazine to be finished?
We strive to have the ordered magazine ready to ship within 2 to 3 working days. You can then pick it up, or have it shipped via DHL, Sandd or PostNL.

On which type of paper does Editoo print?
The paper type is 130 grams. The cover of the magazine is also printed on 130 grams paper (self cover).

Is there technical support for Editoo?
Yes. There is a comprehensive manual and a help function. We also offer monthly trainings. Still having trouble? Please contact the support department of Editoo. They will gladly help you.

Will I also receive a digital version of the ordered publication?
Yes. With each ordered publication you will receive a PDF and a browsable version which you can send digitally.

Is it also possible to only create a digital magazine?
Yes, it is. In that case, Digitoo is a perfect tool to digitally create a magazine.

How do I create an attractive magazine?
Variety is the magic word. Make sure there is a variety in image, text and also type of article. Vary reports with interviews and background stories. Choose a 'simple' image for the front page. A close-up of a young soccer player works better than a shot of a field full of players. Choose images with colours that match the style of the magazine.